Mioveni City App - Smart City

March 29, 2018


Mioveni City Hall


Smart City, Tourism & Travel

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Mioveni City App – Smart City App

Mioveni City App is the simplest way to get useful information about the city and to communicate with the local authorities.

If you’re a tourist in Mioveni, the app will be your complete digital guide to the city’s main attractions, accommodation, places to eat and to have fun, getting around, main events, etc.

As a local, the app enables you to easily report different issues concerning your city to the local authorities. You can report problems you encounter on the public domain, traffic, public transport, and many more.

In addition, you can use to the app to read the local newspapers, get notified by the local authorities on important topics about your city, or see what’s happening in the most important parts of the city through the Live Cams.

Eventya Modules used:
Tourist Guide, Events Calendar, Articles & News, Report Incidents