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July 14, 2022


Ploiești City Hall


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Ploiești City Hall launches the official application of the Municipality, Ploiești City App

Ploiești City App is the official application of the Municipality of Ploiești, which connects you to the life of the city. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’ll find everything you need to know about the city you’re in in the app.

The mayor of Ploiesti, Andrei Liviu Volosevici, announced during a press conference, held at the municipality headquarters, the official launch of the Ploiesti City App, aimed at promoting the city and simplifying communication between citizens and the local public administration.

The application aims to directly improve the way local public services are carried out and to effectively inform citizens about city administration and important urban events.

What can you do with the app as a LOCAL?

For local residents, the application is a point of connection with the City Hall and other public institutions.

Be informed

Find out in time everything that is happening in Ploiești in the News section, through the official press releases sent by the City Hall.

Send services requests to the City Hall

As a citizen of Ploiești, you get involved in the smooth running of things by sending services requetsts to the City Hall about the problems encountered in the city.

Find out what’s happening in town

You are always up to date with all the events, you can easily find the information you need (public services, local taxes and fees, public transport, parking payment).

Discover the history of the city

See the gallery with the city’s mayors, honorary citizens, what is the meaning of the city’s coat of arms and the city’s legend.

What can you do with the app as a TOURIST?

Ploiesti City App helps tourists discover the city step by step.

Choose the tourist attractions to visit

Choose the tourist attractions in Ploiesti that you want to visit and save them in your favorite lists.

Find places to stay and have fun

Tourists can find recommendations for places to stay, restaurants, cafes in the city, parks and green areas.

Discover places nearby

With the help of the Nearby module, you can better orient yourself in the city and find points of interest near you, based on your GPS location.

Find specialized travel help

Find tour guides who can help you with city tours or local travel agencies.