12 January 2022


Hațeg City Hall


Smart City, Tourism & Travel

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Hațeg City App – Tourist guide & Smart City App

Hațeg is the first city in Hunedoara County to launch a City App that includes a tourism component as well as an incident reporting module. The app provides information of interest to both locals and visitors to the city, including news feeds, incident reports, sights in the city and surrounding area, lodging and restaurants, regular notifications, and much more.

What can you do with the app?


What’s in for the Tourists?
For tourists, the application is a complete digital tourist guide that provides them with information about the main attractions of the city and surrounding areas.

Nearby Search
Discover points of interest on the map that are close to your location.

Visit Țara Hațegului
Discover the main tourist attraction and tours of the city and the surrounding areas.


Report incidents in the city to the Local Authorities
As a local, the app enables you to easily report different issues concerning your city to the local authorities. You can report problems you encounter on the public domain, traffic, public transport, and many more.

Find out the Local News
Keep up to date with the news form Hațeg City Hall about what happens in your city, projects of the Local Authorities, Urgent News and so on.

  • “Communication with the citizens of Hateg is a priority for me, which is why I implemented the Hateg City App, an application that facilitates civic involvement in the life of society and allows citizens to report city problems in real time, which will be resolved as soon as possible by the Haţeg City Hall.

    The Hațeg City App also offers free tourist promotion and information to city residents and visitors, making it a useful option as well as an alternative for locating specific restaurants.

    I would like to thank the Eventya team for their professionalism, openness and good collaboration with the specialists from Hațeg City Hall, the application being a real success among the people of Hațeg.”

    Adrian Emilian Pușcaș, Mayor of Hațeg