3 November, 2021


Agnita City Hall


Smart City, Tourism & Travel

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Agnita City App – Smart City App & Tourist guide

Whether you’re visiting or living in Agnita, our app is the most convenient way to learn about the tourist area and communicate with local authorities.

What can you do with the app?


Report incidents

As a local, the app enables you to easily report different issues concerning the city to the local authorities. You can report problems you encounter on the public domain, sanitation, public order and peace, utilities, environmental protection and others. The application allows you to upload photos as well as GPS location for each notification made.

News feed

Agnita City Hall sends out frequently updated information on topics of interest in the city and the surrounding area, such as job vacancies as well as the most recent public investments.


The application includes information about tour operators, legends, and stories from the Hârtibaciului Valley, as it is the urban capital of a well-known tourist region in Sibiu County. The Agnita City App provides tourists with up-to-date information about lodging in the area, restaurants, and activities available in the area.

Interactive map

Tourists can use the map’s nearby search feature to find the points of interest that are the closest to their location.

Eventya Modules used:
Report Incidents, Tourist Guide, Events Calendar, Articles & News

  • “Agnita City App emerged from our administration's desire to be as close to the city's residents as possible. People can use the digital platform to immediately report incidents, track the status of documents, pay taxes and fines, or simply stay up to date on the latest news. The application is a guide in the true sense of the word for tourists.
    We had the privilege of working on this application with Eventya, a team of professionals in their field. They created exactly what we needed while also ensuring that we were trained to use the application as efficiently as possible. When you want a high-quality product, you hire a professional, which is Eventya in this case. I thank them and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!”

    Schiau Gull Alin Ciprian, Mayor of Agnita