Date: 3 December 2021

3 December, 2021

Client: Smart CIty Liberia

Smart CIty Liberia


Smart City, Tourism & Travel

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Smart City Liberia – Smartly find almost anything in Liberia

Smart City Liberia is a 100% Mobile and web-based applications that is used to access information and also report incidents across Liberia.

What can you do with the app?


Smart City Liberia is a One Stop Shop digital Tourist guide that provides tourists with information about major attractions & accommodation sites: restaurants, entertainments and rental services, sports, parties and other fun activities as well as getting around places across the comnnunities.


Smart City Liberia Incident Report service enables you to easily report different issues concerning your city to your local authorities. In real time, you can report problems you encounter with regards to traffic, parking space, public transport, waste collection, public safety and much more.


Smart City Liberia aim at providing promotional services for business nationwide. The application allowes businesses to promote through Geo-System. Additionaly, businesses can send Push Notifications to users, informing them about their products.

Eventya Modules used:
Report Incidents, Tourist Guide, Events Calendar, Articles & News