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January 20, 2023


"Acasa la Brancusi" Association


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Visit Gorj Tourist App – Home of Brâncuși

Visit Gorj is a tourist app which aims to be a benchmark for those who want to discover the entire tourist potential of Gorj County.

The digital guide provides an overview of the main tourist attractions in the area, as well as specific recommendations for activities and itineraries to follow.

Users can discover, among other things: an interactive map with locations near them, news and events calendar, the Home at Brancusi section, details about Transalpina, mountain activities and tourist attractions, as well as pages dedicated to accommodations, restaurants and other useful information.

What can you do with the app: important features

Use Visit Gorj and discover everything the county has to offer

The county of Gorj, located across the Jiu River and at the base of the Godeanu, Vâlcan and Parâng mountains, offers beautiful mountain views, meadows with flowers, ancient forests, glacial lakes, gorges, caves, crystal-clear rivers, and valuable historical treasures.

Discover the potential of this area as a tourist destination that should be on every traveler’s list, both domestically and internationally.

Nearby Search

Use the interactive map “Near You” and identify the points of interest near you. Filter the categories according to your field of interest.

Discover natural attractions in Gorj and nearby

From lakes to natural reserves, beautiful forests and gorges.

Home of Brâncuși

Find out more who was the famous sculptor Brâncuși, discover more about his works here: The Heroes Way Monumental Ensemble, The Constantin Brâncuși Museum House, The Constantin Brâncuși Research, Documentation and promotion Center.

Passionate about mountains?

Gorj has a lot to offer to those passionate about mountains: spectacular caves, adventure activities ideas, ski slopes, tracking trails.

The Events Calendar

See what happens during the year in Gorj and save your favourite events in your calendar;

Restaurants & Accommodation

Discover the list of restaurants and accommodation facilities and leave a rating & review there..

Follow your favourite places or event organisers

Follow your favourite pages and stay up-to-date with automatic notifications of published events and offers;

Push Notifications

Receive notifications about the latest tourist news from Gorj county;