Date: 1 April 2022

1st April, 2022




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Salina Praid App, the application that guides tourists 120 meters underground

The Praid mine is one of the oldest salt mines in Romania, where large salt deposits in Europe are exploited. A large part of the mine has been converted into an astonishing underground world, which is why over 500,000 tourists visit the salt mine each year, making it a major tourist attraction in the area.

What can you do with the app?

Salina Praid App: discover the underground treasure!

The Salina Praid App includes everything you need to know when  visiting Salina Praid or the surroundings. The app is free for Android and iOS users an is available in two languages: Romanian and Hungarian.

The main attractions you can find during a visit at the Salt mine

Tourists who install the app before visiting the salt mine have access to all the information they need (access, parking, rates, and services) for a relaxed visit. They can learn about its history, but also find out more about the main attractions inside, the benefits of aerosol therapy, and the events that take place in the salt mine.

Nearby search

The app provides information about the landmarks and local experiences available in the surroundings, so users can find out what is available in their area at any time by using an interactive map (accommodation, restaurants, services). As a result, the app’s benefits extend to local tour operators, who have a great opportunity to promote themselves and their services for free within the app.

Download Salina Praid App

  • " Salina Praid App is the first of five mobile applications available for visiting the Salrom salt mines. We hope to increase the number of visitors and the attractiveness of the visiting experience by using this approach, with the mobile application facilitating access to relevant information.

    We also want to give thanks to the Eventya team for their support and professionalism!"

    Seprodi Zoltan - Director Praid Salt Mine

    Seprodi Zoltan - Director Praid Salt Mine

    Seprodi Zoltan - Director Praid Salt Mine