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3rd July, 2020


Sibiu State Philharmonic


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Sibiu Philharmonic Mobile App – first of its kind in Romania

This weekend, the Sibiu State Philharmonic became the only institution of its kind in Romania that keeps in touch with its public through its own Philharmonic Mobile App. From now on, those who are interested in the program and the news of the institution can install their application for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Not being able to carry out their usual activity, the Philharmonic team together with the members of the orchestra have created a lot of audio-video materials in recent months. They found their place on the newly built platform, consisting of website + mobile applications,

The interconnectivity of the website and mobile applications helps to be more efficient in distributing information and can help the institution to communicate all the projects it carries out to a target audience and really interested in what it offers.

What can you do with the app?

See the Events Calendar

Through the application, users can be constantly updated with the Philharmonic program, and can receive notifications whenever the organizers want to promote or highlight a particular event.

From the calendar, they can set reminders for events that interest them and can purchase tickets.

Buy Tickets

From the mobile app, you can easily buy tickets for the regular or extraordinary symphonic concerts and for the festivals hosted by the Philharmonic.

Get Notified about what’s new

Notifications can be used not only to announce important events but can be an extremely effective communication formula for any announcement that the organizers want to convey to the public.

Push notifications are the most powerful “tool” of such an application, because they are transmitted targeted and have a much higher opening rate than can be obtained through social media.

They are also measurable, helping the communicator to learn what type of messages are best suited to increase the opening rate over time.

See detailed Festivals’ schedule

The platform allows the Philharmonic to create so called “group events”, perfectly suited for displaying the detailed schedule of all events within a Festival.

Get to know the artists from the orchestra

Find out more about your favourite artists from the philharmonic: what instrument they play, what they like and a short bio.

See the videos of the concerts in the app

The Sibiu State Philharmonic application allows users to listen and watch video concerts as well as audio recordings performed by the Sibiu orchestra. While many other philharmonic applications in other countries offer this content for a fee, the Sibiu Philharmonic has decided not to monetize these recordings and to offer free access, to as many people as possible, to the artistic act.

Photos Source: Focus Photos Agency

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