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20 August, 2021


Sibiu International Theatre Festival



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FITS App – The official app of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival

FITS App is the complete digital guide of the Sibiu International Theater Festival, the largest event dedicated to performing arts in Romania. With the help of the application, users can access the complete program, made out of over 600 events, they can buy tickets and can find out news and schedule changes in real time from the organizers. The app is available in both Romanian and English.

What can you do with the app?

Watch the online shows

A very important feature we added to the website was the possibility for the website’s users to watch the online events, based on their online shows’ tickets. Eventya teamed up with the external ticketing system of the festival and integrated this great feature for the users of the website.

Navigate to all the diverse locations

The app helps you to easily find the locations of each performance. The integrated maps help you navigate by GPS to each show’s location.

Use the customisable Event Schedule

The festival app’s feature-rich interface includes a real-time event calendar of the festival. It also offers an array of filters that help the audience to easily sort through hundreds of events, and find the right ones. No wonder that the event calendar is the app’s most used feature.

Have relevant and actionable information on hand

The app offers real-time information about the access conditions to each show: medical restrictions, festival bracelets information, tickets validity and so on…

Answer frequently asked questions

The app answers some quick questions that are very likely to come up for each festival attendee: buying tickets or making reservations, how to get to the festival, age restrictions, and lots of other useful information.

Buy Tickets

Another very important feature used during the festival is the one which allows the audience to purchase their tickets directly within the app. Online tickets for events are crucial in a post-pandemic era, as they can minimize social interactions and cut significant printing costs.

  • “Bringing closer to worldwide audiences a live, online and hybrid festival was no easy task for Eventya team. We worked on short-notice to unveil an incredibly useful app, both for festival attendees in Sibiu (in presence) and for online audiences everywhere. The team was creative, fast, supportive and solution oriented all throughout our collaboration. The app was truly helpful and used by festival goers, reaching good numbers and paving the way for more digitalised solutions for theater and performance arts audiences. As the world opens up more and reinvents itself, a partner like Eventya can make brands' mission easier and smoother.”

    Roxana Marin

    Roxana Marin

    Roxana Marin, FITS 2021 Communication Coordinator