Your own branded Museum, Zoo and Theme Park App

Your own branded {Museum, Zoo and Theme Park App}

Enhance your visitors experience !

Museums, Themed parks and ZOOs use Eventya to enhance their visitor experience.

Through the mobile apps, they stay in touch with the users during and after their visit. The app users receive the latest news, recommendations and offers or can buy tickets in advance and skip the queue.

Acquiring an Eventya platform licence takes all the technical stuff off their head. They can focus on attracting new visitors and develop loyalty programs.

Benefits of using the Eventya platform for your Museum, Zoo and Theme Park App

Can be easily personalised for your organisation (1-2 days).
The cost is much lower than developing a new app
Boost the image of your organisation with a mobile app

Core features for Museums, Parks or ZOOs

Eventya provides a set of modules that help museums, parks and zoos build their own visitors app and website.

Points of interest

Let your users know where the POIs are (GPS coordinates, map view, filtering)

Audio Guide

Add multi-language audio files for your POIs to enhance the visitor’s experience

Incidents Report

Get reports and feedback from the visitors about the problems they find in your location

Thematic Tours

Create appealing routes for the tourists. Add POIs to the route and display them on the map

Special Offers

Reward your visitors with special prices if they install the app, packages for groups or for kids

Events Agenda

Promote and sell tickets for your organisation’s events and attract as many visitors as you can

Push Notifications

Keep in touch with your users! Send them push notifications about important events, news or articles

Live WebCams

Let your visitors see on the web cams what’s going on in your location, in real time


Recommendations with things to do, news, interesting exhibitions, top 10 to visit lists, etc ...

Social Media integration

The platform connects to your Instagram & Facebook account. Your news & photos automatically appear in the app


Use Analytics Module to see what your users are interested in and what they do in the app

Useful info for visitors

Offer valuable info like tickets and hours, directions and parking, restrooms, services, accommodation

What can the users do with a Museum, Zoo and Theme Park App?

Discover the POIs
Discover the POIs
Find the POIs on the map, filter them and get directions and contact info for each one
Save POIs to lists
Save POIs to lists
Users can save their favourite POIs to lists and can share them with family or friends
Get notified in real time
Get notified in real time
Follow your favourite event organiser! You'll receive push notification when he has new offers or events
Personalised tours
Personalised tours
Choose themed tours! Discover the most interesting places that match their taste & needs
Buy tickets
Buy tickets
Get ticket offers when they have the app installed, no need to stay in the queue
Find ideas about what to do
Find ideas about what to do
Read the recommendations about things to do, new exhibits, various activities
Watch live streaming
Watch live streaming
Watch the web cams in the app to discover the weather conditions or how crowded is the place
Report incidents
Report incidents
Report problems they find in the location and get notified when the problem is solved
Audio Guide
Audio Guide
Discover the most interesting POIs with a multi-language audio guide