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May 15, 2022


Turnul Sfatului Newspaper



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Turnul Sfatului, the first news app on the Eventya platform

Your readers love news apps: 41% of mobile users’ digital time is dedicated to news apps.

News apps offer plenty of opportunities to increase engagement by enabling and encouraging users to access exclusive content, be the first ones notified of breaking news, save their favourites and submit their own content / news.

The brief

Turnul Sfatului newspaper approached Eventya because they needed a more efficient channel of communication with their readers. A news app.

They needed to reach their readers in real-time where they spend most of their time: their mobile phone.

The solution

A News App built on Eventya Platform

People check their phones several times in the day. This means when they have the TS News app on their phone, chances of them using the app are a lot higher than typing in the website URL in their browsers. Your news app is bound to engage your audiences more effectively.

What can you do with the app: important features

Drive traffic to your website and boost analytics

App users can read the full article in app or load it from an external URL (from the newspaper’s website).

Your news app is easy to monetize

Generate additional revenue to your online publication by leveraging in-app advertising.
You can easily monetize your news app to add to your revenue.

Increase the users’ engagement

With tools like push notifications, you benefit from a direct communication channel with your readers to bring them back to your app in one click.

Breaking news

Thanks to instant push notifications, be the first one to share breaking news to your readers. Keep your readers in the loop and spark their interest with a notification that makes them return to your app.

Mark an article as top news

Stick the most trending news features to the top of your news feed and increase their reach, by marking them as Top News.

Increase engagement with scheduled notifications

Push notifications are a great marketing tool and a proven strategy to increase engagement. Create the right communication strategy tailored to your readers’ needs with our scheduled push notification.

Organise your content

By organising your news and online content into categories, you improve the navigability for your readers, increasing page views and session length.

Manage your team

In the Eventya back office, you can create and manage your team of journalists. As the owner of the app, you can grant access to the back office to your team of collaborators. You can also define exactly where they’ll contribute: news or push notifications.

  • " We had and have an excellent collaboration with the Eventya team. Creating a mobile app for a news site that has an enormous amount of content is an extremely complicated task, with many, many small details that need to be considered and fine-tuned. Instead of a business relationship we developed one of collegiality with the wonderful group at Eventya and together we developed a new product designed to keep the public in Sibiu informed every moment of the day. "

    Bogdan Brylynski, Editor of Turnul Sfatului Newspaper