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15 December, 2020


Bonn Orthodox Church



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“Parohia Bonn” – Bonn Orthodox Parish’s Official Church App

After a year of uncertainty and social-distancing, we all find ourselves lacking connection. A deeper connection with our community, and a sense of interrelation with our Creator.

At Eventya, we humbly believe in the strength of community and connection. Thus, we’re happy to contribute by launching Parohia Bonn – the first church app built with the Eventya platform.

The mobile app aims to further unite Bonn’s tightly-knit Romanian Orthodox community, by establishing a modern communication channel between the parish and the parishioners.

The bilingual app comes with an event calendar, a section on the church’s history, and a dedicated forum.

By launching the new church app, Parish Priest Catalin Preda hopes to improve the communication with his devoted Christians and further build their sense of community.

What can you do with the app?

Push Notifications to Keep the Community Posted

The church app offers both a calendar and live push notifications, with all the events and religious services. The community can now access the Bonn Parish’s official program, from the comfort of their phones.

The mobile app includes a section about the church’s history and heritage, as well as a recent news thread.

The believers will also find a dedicated section with relevant safety measures regarding church participation during the pandemic.

Become a Member

You can officially become part of the parish using the mobile app’s member registration feature. You’ll find all the information and forms you need in this section.

Donate Using the Church App’s PayPal Function

Already a member of the Bonn Parish? Even better. Now you can support your church directly through the mobile app’s donation section.

Comfortably set up one-time or recurring PayPal payments, all within the app.

You can even have an overview of all the Parish’s partners, sponsors, and past contributors.

Trinitas TV Live Stream Within the App

The Romanian Orthodox Parish’s official channel is streaming directly in the app, so the believers can stand united by the word of God.

Parish Priest Catalin Preda, Parish of Bonn-Germany

The application aims to both facilitate communication between the parish and our believers, and find a solution to promoting cultural and spiritual national values in the German context. At a first glance, it all seemed easy, but reaching the form we wanted required a lot of patience and hard work. From my point of view, Eventya went above and beyond their contractual obligations and permanently showed professionalism. The recommendation proved to be a success! Good trees bear good fruit… same with Eventya. Thank you!

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