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December 12, 2019


Animal Life NGO, Sibiu



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Animal Life Community App

Report lost and found pets

Animal Life App is a platform for the animal lovers community in and around Sibiu. The app enables users to report lost and found pets from around the city. Also, people can use the app to send reports about injured or abandoned animals to the Animal Life NGO, the most active animal rescue NGO in the city.

What else can you do with the app?

The app facilitates Animal Life’s activity of recovering and rescuing endangered animals. Animal Life Sibiu feeds and takes care of these animals in a shelter until they find a family or a new shelter.

The app offers users useful information related to the 24hour vet cabinets. Also, you can find out where you can donate for the Animal Life Shelter.

News and Events

Download Animal Life App to keep up to date with the free pets sterilisation campaigns. Find out about the news and events related to the activities of the Animal Life Association. Read useful articles about animal care.