Your Idea + Our Platform → Professional Native Apps & Website

With various features & built-in modules, Eventya is used by more than 500,000 users. You can start creating beautiful and professional-looking mobile apps and associated website.

We’re here to assist you with designing, managing and publishing your app in Google Play and App Store. We’ll also manage all technical requirements and updates along the way.

No technical skills are required from your side.

How does Eventya Platform work?

What can you do with Eventya?

1. Create your Mobile Apps and associated Website

Professional-looking apps and websites tailored to your business.

  • Create interactive and intuitive iOS and Android native apps
  • Create responsive websites designed for fast display
  • Connect your custom domain
  • Ready to use in 48 hours.

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2. Manage your Apps and Website

As an app builder, Eventya gives you access to your own back office to start building your app from scratch without needing any coding skills.

  • Create any type of content
  • Manage all content in your apps and website from one place
  • Give multi-level access to your team members and collaborators
  • Analyze results

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3. Design Your Apps and Website

Make the apps and websites your own!

  • Choose a professional-looking template
  • Create a structure and layout to fit your branding
  • No coding required

4. Customize Your Apps and Website

Customize apps and websites that are tailored to your needs.

  • Share articles and news
  • Create events
  • Upload audio guides, tourist routes
  • Create offers and discounts
  • Create Destination Discount Card
  • Allow users to report incidents
  • Push notifications

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5. Analyze the results

Measure and analyze data generated by your app and track and understand how users are interacting with the app.

  • Get an overview of all your iOS & Android app activity
  • Keep track of the new content created by your team or collaborators
  • See where your users are coming from
  • Create comprehensive reports

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6. Secure your Apps and Website

Provide secure access to your app and protect users’ data.

  • Choose the type of access levels you want to assign your team members and collaborators
  • Allow users to authenticate
  • Take advantage of our continuous advanced security protocols and updates

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7. Monetize your Apps and Website

Start generating revenue from your app using our monetization tools.

  • Publish advertising banners within your app
  • Analyze the performance of your ads
  • Give your collaborators a higher visibility within your app
  • Create a Discount Card

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