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How Harghita County Council Managed to Reach and Engage Visitors Through a Comprehensive Digital Platform

Located in Romania, Harghita County attracts over 200.000 tourists yearly. From castles, fortified churches and breathtaking sceneries to resorts, spas and outstanding gastronomy, the region offers one of the best Transylvanian experiences.

The problem: Scarce or Unavailable Travelling Information

Finding a place where to eat or sleep in Harghita as well as planning your itinerary has been a time-consuming activity for tourists visiting the region. There was no centralized hub available to host all tourism-related information or help tourists plan their trip. The information available on websites listing top attraction, local restaurants and accommodation was scarce and incomplete, not to mention the lack in promotion of upcoming events and points of interest.

The Solution: A Comprehensive Digital Platform

Aiming at increasing the number of tourists in the region as well as helping them easily discover the best Harghita has to offer, Harghita County Council opted for a full-service web and mobile solution available in three languages, Romanian, English and Hungarian.

The new iOS and Android mobile apps and website bring together all tourism related information in the county including top attractions, accommodation, restaurants, local guides, audio guides, info points, weather reports, rental services, mountain rescue services and more in one platform: Visit Harghita.

The Process – When The Tourism Industry and Technology Come Together

Concept and Structure


The need for a centralized hub to help visitors quickly access a wide variety of information ranging from top attractions, restaurants, accommodation and services to events and local news, allowed us to opt for a modular app and web structure and highlight useful information in easy-to-access categories such as “Where to sleep”, “Where to eat”, “What to do” “Events” and “Useful Information”, etc.

Each category includes a “Top 25” activities and services in the area ranked by top ratings based on reviews, local blogger recommendations, as well as regular poll campaigns on social media.

Unique Approach – Bringing Legends to Life


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Transylvania? Mystical places? Legends? Breathtaking scenery? Medieval citadels? Well, Harghita’s got all that and more.

In collaboration with the civic initiative „Székelyföldi Legendárium”, to help promote top attractions in the area and encourage tourists to create their own unique historical and cultural experience, the platform lets visitors plan their itinerary using storytelling and over 50 authentic legends of lost treasures, valiant kings, knights and maidens.

To create their unique travel itinerary, visitors can browse through the list of legends, pick their favorite, get directions and visit the local attraction they find interesting.

Collaborative Approach – Constant Stream of Relevant Information

Creating a mobile digital experience while keeping your users’ needs in mind requires a strong collaboration between all parties involved. Harghita City Council and Eventya managed to bring together tourism experts, service providers, local guides and entrepreneurs, photographers, professors, tourists and city hall representatives to collaborate and contribute to the creation of an app designed to help visitors experience Harghita in a unique way.

Over 80 collaborators including info centers, events organisers, adventure, leisure and hospitality service providers were invited to provide content and useful information that tourists can use to plan their trip. They were given access to the back office of the platform to start creating their own content within the platform and promote their services and offerings.

The benefits of a collaborative platform helped The City Council save time and effort in the process of collecting relevant information and made it easier for tourists to keep up to date with the latest events and activities in the area.

Proactive Approach – Fresh and Engaging Content for Adventure-seeking Travellers


The proactive marketing strategy and promotion implemented by Eventya helped successfully launch Visit Harghita. The digital platform was promoted via social media channels, travel blogs (eg. and National Geographic creating awareness and driving traffic to the platform.

To ensure the platform is kept up to date, collaborators continue to add fresh information. Events, tours, POIs, articles and news are regularly updated and refreshed so users don’t miss any important updates.

To ensure the content available within Visit Harghita reaches travellers of different regions, Eventya translated the available content in English and Hungarian.

Outcome: Key Features for a Personalized Experience

Visit Harghita is the first digital platform in the region to provide an interactive cultural experience by allowing tourists to discover top attractions with the help of storytelling and audio guides available in three different languages, Romanian, Hungarian and English.

Whether it’s about planning an itinerary, finding a local restaurant, searching for a museum nearby or buying tickets for an event, travellers are looking for a seamless digital experience to help them make the best of their time. Accessing Visit Harghita, visitors can easily navigate between categories containing useful information such as car rentals, accommodation, maps or weather, find top attractions, restaurants and hotels and create their own personalized trip itineraries.

To make them feel and experience life as a local, the platform highlights the top dining experiences, hidden gems and upcoming events in the region. Users can login to save events and activities to their profile and share them with their friends. They can also access the live cams to check weather and activities in real time.

Visit Harghita: Digital Tourist Guide + Events Agenda + Visitors Engagement Tool + Travel Destination Awareness and Promotion Tool

Visit Harghita has become the only digital platform available to provide tourists with relevant and engaging information, help them plan their holiday and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Harghita County.

Platform was officially launched in December 2018

Downloaded by over 1000 users from 5 different countries including Hungary🇭🇺, Germany🇩🇪, Romania🇷🇴, UK 🇬🇧 and Serbia 🇷🇸 within the first week.

App content by the numbers:

Visit Harghita Website is the no. 1 search result in Google after only 6 month with over 14.000 unique visitors.

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