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3 reasons for audience to install your app

To connect

Fans will always want to learn more about what’s behind the curtain.


people can read about your activity, shows and announcements without getting interrupted by ads and off the context post and messages

Hear from you

users will be nicely surprised when you send Push Notifications with things that enchant them

Eventya Theater App

It is already built, template-based and affordable. And we're here to help you launch it and keep it up to date.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Send Push Notifications to announce performances, shows cancelations or last minute tickets
Connect your current ticketing platform and drive sales from your Official App.
Events Agenda
Events Agenda
Organised agenda of shows and performances, filtering by categories like drama, comedy, classic, modern etc
People will find inspiration from others that saved in personal lists their favourite shows and performances
Let people know more about artists: biography, experience, awards, shows and media gallery

Latest Theater Apps Built with Eventya

Theater App

Gong Theater App

Client: Gong Theater for Kids and Youth, Sibiu, Romania
iOS App, Android App, Website


90 € / month

billed yearly

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required

What Our Customers Say About Eventya

  • “ In such a changing world, where children are flooded with extra-curricular activities, and parents run from job to pre-school or after-school, I think this app comes as a relief. From now on, our audience has all the information at their fingertips, with real-time notifications, to make their lives easier. I firmly believe that this step is a natural one, all the more so for a theater dedicated to the young public, much more connected with technology and innovation. ”

    Adrian Tibu

    Adrian Tibu

    Manager at Gong Theater for Kids and Youth, Sibiu, Romania