Mobile App for Shops and Retailers

No more plastic cards and brochures. Everyone has a smartphone now

Mobile App for {Shops and Retailers}

Why loyalty cards are obsolete?

1. You wallet is stacked with loyalty cards – from the drugstore to the supermarket and flower shop …

2. You have no idea how many points you have on the card at a specific time

3. You don’t know the offers attached to the loyalty card – there are on some flyer or magazine you can’t find

4. You can’t remember the benefits, discounts and terms & conditions of the card

5. You can very easily lose or forget at home your loyalty card – but you always have your phone on you

Developing a digital card is NOT expensive

if you're using an existing software

Eventya's Retail App

Easy to setup – it takes only a couple of days to prepare your branded iOS and Android mobile apps.

Eventya platform integrates with your cash register so you can take maximum advantage of the customer loyalty program.

Display your special offers or early birds for your customers.

Benefits for Retailers

Speed. Using your visual identity we will prepare your app in 2-3 days.

Next, just fill in products, offers, shops and so on

Cost. Fraction of the cost of developing + maintaining a new app

Your app is built with existing modules and components. The app is personalised based on your brand

Get loyal customers. In a digital manner.

There is no need of street signs or printed materials to advertise discounts and special offers when you can do it more efficiently through an app

Core features for Retailers

We provide existing plugins and modules to create your Retailer App with zero lines of code


List of you physical locations, filtering, map view with the nearest shops

Digital Loyalty card

Easily setup a successful customer loyalty program in the app.

Special Offers

Display your special offers or early birds for your customers.

Push Notifications

Keep your users up-to-date with what’s going on.


Display all the details for your products. Easily add new categories.


Write about the events you're organising, recipes or general news.

Social media integration

The platform connects to your Instagram & Facebook accounts.


Organise in-app contests to keep your clients engaged.


See what your users are interested in and what they do in the app

Benefits for Shoppers

Less weight

You don't have to carry lots of loyalty cards in your wallet.

Always informed

You always know the value of the card and it's benefits

Stay in touch

It's easier to stay in touch with your favourite shop

Features for Shoppers:

Digital Loyalty Card
Digital Loyalty Card
Take advantage of the discounts for loyal customers.
Special Offers, Discounts
Special Offers, Discounts
They are the first to receive news about your special offers
Nearby shops
Nearby shops
Discover the closest shops, based on the client's GPS location
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Find out all the interesting news & offers from their favourite retailer ... You
See all your products, filter them by category, search by name
Shopping list
Shopping list
Write their shopping list in the app and use it on the go

One on One services

Eventya is not just an app builder. We're providing content and marketing services, tech support, trainings, store publishing assistance...

Online tech support ,5 days a week, both for the event organiser and for the app users

Automatic email reports from the system for the Platform Manager

Styling of mobile app & website and icon to your Branding

Professional screenshots and visuals for AppStore and Google Play

Help with the setup of your AppStore, GooglePlay Developer Account

We publish the apps, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff

Errors monitoring system for the mobile apps, website and CMS

Regular functionalities and security updates for the mobile apps and website

Advice on mobile app marketisation, content creation and user retention


300 € / month

billed yearly

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required