7 September 2021


Maramureș County Council


Tourism & Travel

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Visit Maramureș, or the Land of Wood, gets a website makeover and a brand new mobile app

Maramureș, nicknamed „Land of Wood”, is a travel destination that’s worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Located in the extreme north of the country, on the border with Ukraine, this region is best known for its authentic wooden architecture, vividly reflected in its wooden churches, massive wooden gates and traditional houses.

“Wood Country” is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy an active vacation. Walking, cycling, hiking or The Steam Train (Mocănița) are the best ways to visit Maramures. You will find many places to visit in Maramures and new experiences to try every day.

Superlative sceneries, friendly locals or traditional handcrafts are just a few of 12 reasons to Visit Maramureș!

The brief

Increase the number of visitors by providing easy access to useful information for tourists and locals: accommodation, local gastronomy, culture and events, balneo tourism, green / outdoor tourism etc.

The solution

Mobile APP & Website build on Eventya Platform

One of main benefits when using Eventya Platform is the complimentary website, configured to display flawlessly across any screen and device. The information uploaded in backend appears on the website and in the app at the same time.

What can you do with the app: important features

Complete digital guide for touristic activities

We invite you to explore the trails of wooden churches, museum heritage or craftsmen and folk crafts, to discover the iconic events, UNESCO heritage and landscapes of unreal beauty, but also to taste the quiet life in the countryside.

Regardless of the way you choose to discover Maramureș, Visit Maramureș App provides all the information necessary to plan your trip.

Visit Maramures App is the first “smart county” application with incident reporting on tourism issues at a county level

Tourists can file complaints or express dissatisfaction with regard to hospitality services, routes, tourist attractions, and infrastructure. Each complaint is sent to designated departments of the Maramureș County Council and subordinate institutions.

The land of 4 lands: accessible tourist info with regions feature

Maramures County, with its four “lands,” abounds in attractions and tourist services that combine the traditional with the unique, making it a destination that easily fits the preferences of guests from all over the world.

Eventya Modules used:
Incident Reporting, Regions, Maps, Articles, News, Push Notifications


Photo credits: ©Visit Maramureș