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01 August, 2021


Timisoara Application Dev


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Timisoara City App – Romania’s Newest Smart City

Timisoara City helps you plan your stay and be up to date with everything that’s happening in Timișoara, European Cultural Capital in 2023. Find sights, restaurants, hotels, cultural events, map assistance. Timișoara is located in the south of the Western Plain, in the area of ​​the Timiș and Bega rivers.

Timișoara, in translation, means “fortress on Timiș” and is the residence and largest city of Timiș County in the historical region of Banat, western Romania. Timisoara is a multicultural city, influenced by various ethnic communities, especially the German, Hungarian and Serbian, but also by the Bulgarian, Italian and Greek.

What can you do with the app?

Points of Interest (POIs) for Tourists

POIs are one of the most valuable features for tourists, that help them navigate the city and enrich the cultural experience altogether. The coloured pins in the app will guide users to all the nearby businesses and tourist attractions.

List of Businesses to Promote the Local Economy

Timisoara City App contains a complete dictionary of the city’s business providers. It offers information on the cultural and educational centers, local beauty salons, lawyers, architects, mechanics, and everything in between,

This is a great resource for tourists and citizens, while also offering a valuable marketing platform for businesses, to promote the local economy.

News and Editorials to Inform and Entertain

The smart city app publishes three different editorials, containing all the city’s recent news and recommendations for its citizens. This is used to communicate any changes and matters of public interest, starting from road work projects to changes in public transport. Users can also find valuable content on lifestyle and overall well-being.

  • “TIMISOARA CITY app is based on the real need to centralize information that matters for the residents of the city. Thanks to a team with huge international experience, Parisian exigence reaches Timișoara. Timisoara Application Development is the first company to offer the people of Timișoara a chance to save the time they spend online through TIMISOARA CITY app, newly launched on the EVENTYA platform.”,

    Mrs. Silvia Terziu

    Mrs. Silvia Terziu

    Timisoara City

Download the app and start planning your holiday. Timișoara is waiting for you!