Date: 21 March 2022

21 March, 2022


Asociația România Sălbatică


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Wild Romania, the largest photography and documentary film project dedicated to nature

About Wild Romania project

România Sălbatică is the most complex documentary dedicated to nature that brings premiere footage and unique stories about Romania’s biodiversity. It is 100% authentic and has been developed in more than 10 years by a 100% local production team.

Wild Romania APP: the nature of Romania has never been more accessible and easier to understand

Wild Romania is a complete guide about natural attractions in Romania. The app aims to keep users permanently connected to nature and to help them understand the value of biodiversity in our country.

What can you do with the app: important features

Discover the biogeographical regions in Romania

One important feature in Wild Romania APP is the Regions feature, which makes it easier to access and understand the information within the app. In the Discovery section you can see five important regions: Carpathian Mountains, virgin forests, Danube Delta, Black Sea or biogeographical regions.

Nature’s Calendar: learn, save and share the best moments in nature

The nature calendar is a useful tool, created and designed to explore the most important natural events that take place in Romania, such as: the breeding season of the western capercaillie, spring or autumn migration, flowering periods of certain species of flora, the roar of the deer and much more.

Nature lovers or those who want to better know its secrets, can create an account to save a list of areas they want to visit and add nature’s events to the calendar.

A powerful tool for environmental education

One of the main objectives of the Wild Romania Project is to facilitate access to information about nature in our country, while promoting and educating the audience. The app is providing unique and accessible content, while promoting a nature friendly way of life, through:

  • Accessibility (content accessible to a wide audience): learn about the national and natural parks of Romania, but also about other protected natural areas;
  • Interactivity: Follow tips and recommendations about areas and routes, receive push notification about important nature events;
  • Uniqueness: Admire spectacular photos with landscapes, fauna or flora, made by members of Forona (Organization of Nature Photographers in Romania).

România Sălbatică Trailer

Photo credits:© Dan Dinu

  • From the very beginning, we wanted the Wild Romania project to unite both nature enthusiasts and environmental NGOs or national and natural park administrations in a common platform. I have always felt that there is a rupture of communication between these segments, not out of bad will, but rather because of a different language.
    Wild Romania came as a help, and in addition to the documentary film, the photo album and our website, the application will help even more in this endeavor, because it brings nature closer to those who love it or who fight to protect it. We really wanted to create this bridge between the biodiversity of our country, sometimes presented too rigidly and abstractly, and those who want to know it through simple steps and at hand. At the same time, we want all the information about environmental and conservation projects to be much better known to the general public, and this is the next thing we are working on.

    Dan Dinu, the Wild Romania project's initiator

    Dan Dinu, the Wild Romania project's initiator

    Dan Dinu, the Wild Romania project's initiator