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Jan 28, 2019



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Online Parking App – Smart City App

Online Parking App helps you navigate to a car parking in a specific area in your city.

The over-crowded traffic in Bucharest and in all the major cities of the country is not just a problem, but a critical situation that we face every day. And not just the big volume of cars for our road infrastructure is the problem, but also the lack of parking spaces.

A lot of private parking places were opened in key areas of Bucharest, but the drivers don’t know about most of them. The app focuses on what’s essential: enter an address, area, or landmark, and you’ll get all the parking places on a map. You will find various information about each parking lot: number of seats, facilities and the price per hour or per day.

Key features:

  • Search for parking places nearby (using your GPS location)
  • Filter the points of interest on the map – navigate to the one you want
  • Easily find what you’re looking for in the app – intuitive navigation
  • All things a driver needs: Tire shops, Parking places, Car wash, Car sharing, Scooter sharing, and much more
  • Save your favourite locations to lists

Eventya Modules used:

  • Pages
  • Search nearby places on the map
  • Push Notifications
  • Articles and News


Online Parking App

“I have already recommended you to 3 friends of mine who have, each of them, between 4 and 6 food retail stores in Bucharest and want to go online. In the daily meetings that I will have with people in the retail area and I will recommend you without hesitation to everyone.”

Tudor Gabriel Bohalteanu