20 July, 2020


Tudor Gabriel Bohalteanu



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ExitPoll – a mobile app for the local elections in Romania

ExitPoll is the first mobile app for the local elections in Romania. It provides information about political parties, the candidates and fresh news on the organization and conduct of the elections.

ExitPoll offers voters an accurate and real-time x-ray of the candidates for Mayors or County Council, or for the General Council of Bucharest or the Capital City Hall.

What can you do with the app?

Be up-to-date with the local elections in Romania!

If you are interested in the local elections in Romania, you can use this app to get up-to-date with the latest news.

The time has come for our politicians to conduct a conscious election campaign, and for Romanian voters to vote knowingly for each candidate / party.

ExitPoll is meant to be a tool both for voters but also to candidates, to ensure better information on both sides.

The list of all candidates and political parties for the Local Elections

The platform lists all the political parties that participate at the local elections.

Also, you can find out all the candidates running for local councillor or mayor, from Bucharest and Ilfov County.

Search candidates based on various filters

All the political candidates in the platform can be found using the various filters in the app or using the Search function. They can be filtered by: political party, location or the position they are running for.

Reviews for political candidates

ExitPoll is meant to be transparent – the application does not influence in any way the users’ posts (except for vulgar expressions).

As an app user, you can rate any political candidate and you can see the opinions and ratings of other people.

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    Tudor Gabriel Bohalteanu

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

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