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January 23, 2016


Eventur SRL


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Bucharest City App & Tourist Card – Tourism App

Bucharest City App (a free tourism app) & Bucharest Tourist Card (a physical card) were designed to improve the experience of foreign travellers in Bucharest.

Bucharest City App is the best way to enjoy your experience here! With a lot of recommendations from locals, a cool selection of events and some great itineraries to discover the city Bucharest City App, the app used so far by 100.000 people, becomes a great help for travellers. Enjoy app’s features and take a look at Bucharest Tourist Card, which enhances your experience here by helping you to save money during your trip!

Bucharest City App isn’t just a guide for spending your free time in town. It’s the app with which you can build your own universe of information based on your interests and opportunities.

In the app, aside from a guide on great tourist spots, you’ll also find suggestions from locals for restaurants, pubs, cafes or clubs. That means information from people who know what they’re talking about, and who will help you walk Bucharest in their shoes.

Eventya Modules used:

  • Tourist Guide
  • Events Calendar
  • City Discount Card


Bucharest City App

“I was truly inspired when we decided to build the Bucharest City App mobile app on the Eventya platform. It was the most effective solution to build our city app and a business model that after only a few months became successful.”


Alex Filip
Co-founder Bucharest City App