Community App

Communities of people with common interests are using Eventya to notify their members about events, places, offers or news

{Community App}

Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word.
But we still need community apps that organise and structure the specific information for the members.

Core features

Eventya provides specific modules in the community app that help them communicate better with their members.


Business or organisation pages receive their own account and manage their content -publish offers and events.

Events Agenda

Promote the daily / monthly events agenda and sell tickets through the app: sports events, conferences, movies, etc.

Points of interest

Display the POI lists for your community members. Detailed page for each POI.


Write articles about things to do, hidden gems, new places that opened up or events recommendations.

Special offers

Publish offers or give access to local businesses to do it for themselves and attract new customers.

Advertising Module

Post advertising (ads) in the home page, inside lists with POIs and place some organisations on top of their list.

Push notifications

Stay in touch with your users by sending push notifications about important events, news or articles.


Manage the ratings and reviews given by the users for the POIs in the app.

Maps and Navigation

Maps and navigation integrations for the POIs and for events so that users can find their way easier.

Community Apps built with Eventya platform

Table Soccer App

Table Soccer App

Client: International Table Soccer Association
iOS App, Android App, Website


300 € / month

billed yearly

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required

15 times cheaper then building an app from scratch

It costs 10,000 - 15,000 €/$ to design & develop a decent similar app

Launch it in 2 weeks

The app will be personalised with your identity in 24 hours. The rest is content preparation and usually our team helps

Update content in minutes

Takes less than 1 hour per week to keep it up to date