Why use the Eventya Platform
and not typical project based solutions


lower costs than
building from scratch

Fixed and predictable costs

to launch your apps and additional channels. Eventya is constantly releasing new features that have the aim acquiring more users and increasing the retention rate of existing users.

Get a Tech Partner, not a service supplier

We offer tech support to all our customers, helping and teaching them how to use the Platform and third party systems connected to it

You don’t hassle with tech details

No need to hassle with tech details, app store management or keep up to date with the latest trends in the IT & Teach industries

Fixed and predictable costs

“It takes 4-6 weeks to be up and running with your branded apps and website. Building from scratch your own apps and website would otherwise require at least 6-8 months of analysis, written specifications, search for suppliers, development, testing, acceptance procedures.

4 to 6 weeks

to be up and running

45 features to cover up

all kind of scenarios for which people
are using a travel & discovery app

What’s in

for Tourists & Travellers

Restaurants, Pubs & Coffee
Shopping, Fun & Leisure services
Local Events
Wellbeing facilities
Useful local services
Attractions, Activities
Reservations and Bookings
Social Media Sharing
Attractions, Routes

How Local Businesses & Organisations will benefit?

Platform’s users and their customers

They can share through the Platform their best offers, special deals and events

Engage them to spread the word

to their customers about thew apps


from the local hospitality businesses willing to attract more customers

Business owners or marketeers
can change their own Profile Page


9 destinations, in 4 countries, over 500k downloads

Who's using Eventya

Private Companies or Public Organisations that are using the platform to market their destination and to offer a free tourist guide, on-site, to their guests

Alex Filip

Co-founder @Bucharest City App

"I was inspired when we had decided to build Bucharest City App on the Eventya Platform. Eventya was the most efficient solution to build our City App and a business model that only a few months after became successful"

Mircea Vulpe

Councelor @Ministry of Tourism, Romania

"I have been involved alongside the Eventya team in the development of Explore Romania from the outset. It has been a pleasure to work on this project to which I have become attached, primarily because it was brought together a group of young professionals that have dedicated a lot of their own resources with the end goal of promoting our beautiful country."